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On- and Offshore

All Services from one Source

The renewable energy industry is very complex and involves numerous specific conditions, especially offshore.

We do not leave our clients on their own but we are on your side with our experienced experts. On demand, we can provide you with client representatives, logisticians, marine coordinators, industrial climbers, etc. in the project planning phase prior to starting the operations.

We offer you all services from one source: A fully equipped vessel, including modern ROV systems, highly qualified ROV pilots and a well-established and well-cooperating dive team.

We will Advise you in:

  • Maritime Logistics
  • Steel Construction
  • Development, Design, Construction and Installation of Transformer Platforms
  • Installation of Wind Turbine Foundations (Tripods, Monopiles and Jackets)
  • Installation of Wind Turbines
  • Piling and Grouting Work
  • Installation of Park Internal Cabling
  • Surveillance of Subcontractors


"We Make It Work Offshore"
Offshore Platform at Night
well organized tools and equipment