Stop for Safety

HSE Management and Consulting

STOP ... make safety your priority!
In dizzy heights or in the depths of the sea: Safety First!

Safety of humans and environment is very important for RS DIVING. We commit ourselves to fulfill the highest standard for occupational health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) and go for the highest safety standard.

For this purpose, we engage HSE experts who are experienced in various offshore projects, qualified and continuously trained according to national and international requirements.

Provision of HSE Experts:

  • Occupational Safety Coordinators
  • HSE Managers / Environmental Protection Officers
  • Occupational Health and Safety Coordinators (SiGeKo) according to the German Construction Site Ordinance

Highest HSE Standards:

  • Prevention and Consulting
  • Issue of Risk Assessments and Risk Analyses
  • Risk Management
  • HIRA Meetings / Lessons Learned
  • Preparation of HSE Guidelines and Instructions
  • Surveillance of Compliance with HSE Guidelines
  • Assessment of Environmental Impact
  • Issue of HSE Manuals
  • Supply of Emergency Response Plans and Rescue Concepts
  • Provision of SiGe Plans (German Health and Safety Protection Plans)
  • HSE Vessel Inspections
  • HSE Inspections of Installations, e.g. Wind Turbines, Transformer Platforms On- and Offshore
  • Accident Investigations and Accident Reports


Our HSE package contains the complete safety documentation and best practice preparation, including project specific work procedures, emergency response plans, emergency notification flow charts, risk assessments, etc.

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